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Southwest Frame

Original Frame

I saw this frame in a local Mexican Restaurant and thought I would try to make it.


I found this molding in the home improvement store.

Routing the edge

First using a router I cut the edge where the picture is inserted.

45 degree cut

Cut the 45 degree angles on a non electric miter saw and did a little sanding. This is a 11×14 frame.

Mark for cuts

I marked the center of each piece and drew the lines for the cuts which are an inch apart. I made the cuts on the scroll saw.

Fitting together

It fit together nicely.


So I glued the joints and used a brad gun on the corners, then hammered in a corrugated fastener.

Southwest Frame

I spray painted the frame with a turquoise blue color and put in a colorful picture. I think it turned out well.

Table Leg Candle Holder

Bunt Feet Table Legs

When I saw these bunt feet table legs in the local home improvement store I thought I could make a candle holder.

Screw in Vice

I unscrewed the screw from the wood using a vice.

Nail in Candle

I cut off the head of a nail and drilled a small hole in the top of the wood and bottom of taper candle and inserted the nail into the candle.

Taper Candle

I placed the candle onto the wood base.

For a different candle holder I drilled a hole a little smaller than the screw into the top of the first piece and the other piece and drilled a hole into the bottom of a pillar candle.

Pillar Candle

I screwed the second wood leg piece onto the first piece and screwed the candle onto the top. I made and screwed on another piece to the bottom to give it more stability and finished all pieces with light brown Briwax. You could paint or stain any color to go with your décor.

Flameless Candle

Here it is with a flameless candle.


Concho Frame

Concho Frame

Consider using conchos and spots to adorn frames, cabinets or wooden wall art.

Concho Screw Adapter

I used a screw adapter to screw it into the frame.

Concho and Spot

I had these spots that went well with the Square Berry Copper Concho. With a utility knife I made indentions in the wood, placed the spot and hammered it into the frame.

Horseshoe Welcome Sign

Horseshoe Welcome Sign

I picked up the cast iron Horseshoe Welcome Sign and placed it on a weathered board. I thought of putting a Tiny Horseshoe on each side, but decided to use Tiny Stars. I painted the stars to match the sign and screwed everything into the board with brown screws from the hardware store. I was going to stop right there, and I thought of hanging the sign with an old rusty chain. Instead, I took a piece of lariat rope and nailed it to the back. I wrapped leather lacing on each end leaving about 6 inches for a tassel, and begin the task of unraveling the rope, which takes quite a while. I wrapped a little lace on the top also. You can have fun with this. The kids can paint the stars and unravel the rope. Just place some wax paper on the table and use dark brown acrylic paint, let dry and add a little black.

Pallet Wall Art

Pallet Wall Art

Use your pallet boards to make a wall art piece. Screw vertical supports from the back side. Cut a your favorite subject matter from plywood, spray paint it and add by screwing from the back or gluing. Then add clavos to the supports. This piece is approximately 24″ wide x 18″ tall.

Spring Lariat Wreath

Spring Lariat Wreath

Make a Spring Lariat Wreath for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just to celebrate the Spring! I had a pink lariat rope in which I zip tied together at the top. I zip tied a burlap bow to the rope and added raffia to cover the zip tie. I drew and cut a heart out of plywood with the scroll saw and painted it white. I applied crackle medium, let dry and added pink paint. I painted jute twine white and hot glued it around the heart. For the letters I used acrylic paint markers and tied the heart to the top with white thread. Silk flowers were inserted into the rope at the top. This should give you some ideas to create your own Springtime wreath.

Stirrup Candle

Stirrup Candle

Here’s a way to use old stirrups in your home décor. I cut a 6 1/2″ disc out of wood and rubbed on a coat of dark brown Briwax. I wrapped the stirrup leather around the wood and placed the stirrup and tea light on top. Gather several old stirrups from friends and family to create table center pieces for parties.

Flameless Candle

You could also use a flameless candle.

Turquoise Base

I sanded the disc and painted it aqua and white and added 3/4″ silver Clavos around the edge.

Old Stirrup

Here’s another old stirrup I’ve had for many years. I used a 5″ cast iron Star in Ropeand the Leather Star Bracelet to connect it together.

Stirrup Towel Holder

Stirrup Towel Holder

Western Coat Rack

Western Coat Rack

Make a rustic Western Coat Rack using weathered pallet boards and your favorite picture.

Lay out Boards

I chose, cut and laid out the weathered pallet boards.


Then screwed supports on the back.


I printed a photo and placed it on the boards with double stick tape. I cut a slit in the photo between the boards to make 2 pieces. With painter’s tape I outlined the photo, then removed the photo and the double stick tape. I spread a coat Mod Podge, placed the photo and spread another coat over the top. I smoothed with my fingers and a brayer, but it still wrinkled a bit. Maybe it was the type of paper I used. I pulled up the tape after it dried and screwed in Hall Tree Hooks and Small Coat Hooks.

Picture Frame Coat Rack

Here’s another idea. Screw hooks to your favorite framed picture for quick entry way coat rack.

Cowhide Tray

Cowhide Tray

Turn a wooden tray into a western cowhide tray. You can purchase the Wood Tray here, or you can use any wood tray you have. First I sanded the bottom of the tray and vacuumed the saw dust. I cut a template out of cardboard and placed on the cowhide to mark it and cut it out. Next I placed the cowhide on wax paper and brushed Titebond Original glue onto the cowhide. Be sure to brush out to all of the edges. Then place the cowhide into the tray and slide around until it fits. Keep smoothing it down to make sure the whole surface of the cowhide is in contact with the surface of the wood. I used my fingers, but you might want to use a roller. You could nail furniture tacks around the edges, but I like it the way it is.