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Horseshoe Pallet Tray

Horseshoe Pallet Tray

I’m using up the last of my weathered pallet so I wanted to make a tray. This is one of those ‘design as you build’ projects. Instead of having upright sides I decided to lay them down.

Bottom View

I used 3/4″ screws and a counter sink bit to attach the three boards to the frame.


Here’s the side view and you can see how the frame hangs over a bit on the ends. I painted all of the cut ends as rustic as I could to match. I was going to use rope for handles until I saw the painted horseshoes lying there from previous project and I thought ‘perfect’!


You can use and decorate this tray in many ways.

Tea Lights

Breakfast Tray

Breakfast Tray

To make a Rustic Western Breakfast Tray, I took wide weathered pallet boards and cut them the size I wanted. I painted the cut ends by using various watered down mixtures of gray, brown, black and white acrylic paint and wiping it off with a damp rag. I screwed the top boards to the side boards and attached corner braces underneath for strength. I screwed in the Large Horseshoes for handles. The dimensions are approximately 20″ wide x 10″ deep x 6″ tall.

Horseshoes on Breakfast Tray

This tray can be used as a breakfast tray in bed or on the couch. Or use it for reading a book or writing.

Spur Curtain Tie Back

Spur Curtain Tie Back

Use our cast iron spur for a curtain tie back. This one was unpainted and I spray painted it textured brown and a little black. I cut off the strap holder on one side with a hack saw and smoothed it down with a grinder. I drilled a hole with a drill press.

Spur Curtain Tie Back Close Up

This picture shows the spur screwed into the window trim.

Cedar Post Tea Lights

Cedar Post Tea Lights

My neighbor had some old cedar fence posts and was kind enough to let me use them for this project. The post was cut into pieces of 5, 7, and 9 inches long. A 1 5/8″ hole was drilled in the top with a drill press which is a perfect size for tea lights.

Holes Drilled

I cut the bottom of the cedar post that had been decaying in the ground and made a long tea light holder. It was smaller and the outside color was grey. It is 28″ long. When the post was cut the exposed cedar is beautiful and smells so good.

Cedar Posts

Cedar Post Tea Light

Here is a side view of the bottom of the post. I left one end natural and ragged. These would be great for a holiday table center piece with evergreen branches or any time of year for rustic décor.

Window Picture Frame

Window Picture Frame

If you don’t like your view, just change it. I bought this frame at the craft store many years ago, but I think it would be easy to make. Find your favorite travel photo and have it printed a large size. This one is 30″x 22″. This one is my backsplash, but you could hang it anywhere for a nice view out an imaginary window. If you get tired of that view, put in another one.

Drawer Pull Hangers

Drawer Pull Hangers

In our Handles and Pulls category you can find several drawer pulls to use in this project. Screw them into a board and hang caps, purses, belts, jewelry, bridles, ropes, coats, robes, towels and whatever else you need to hang. Here are several examples:

Star & Steer Pulls

Fleur de Lis

Boots & Stars

If you have several different singles put them all together. These below are not in the store.


Pallet Wood Box

Horseshoe Box


My initial thought was to make a pallet wood tray with rope handles. That idea evolved into first a box, then a box with a lid. I showed some sketches to my husband and he built a prototype out of rough mahogany without me even knowing about it. How sweet! I was really excited then, but I wanted to make it from weathered pallet boards, so we got to work.


We cut the boards as we were fitting it together like a puzzle.


One of the end pieces is shorter to allow for the lid to close.


We drilled 3/16″ holes 1/4″ deep in the sides of the lid for 1/2″ long wooden dowels 5/8″ from the end of the lid.

We drilled 3/16″ holes 1/4″ deep on each side piece 1 1/4″ from the end if using 1/2″ thick boards.

Open Box

We glued the pieces together with wood glue and used a brad gun to secure it. On the fresh cut ends like the end of the lid shown in this picture I applied a mixture of a little black, grey and brown acrylic paint and wiped it off with a paper towel. You have to experiment to get it right.

The dimensions of the box are 9 1/4″ long x 4 3/4″ deep x 3 1/2″ tall. The boards used are 1/2″ thick x 3 1/2″ wide. It’s not absolutely perfect but that’s ok. It’s rustic!

Pine cone on Box

There are many ways to decorate and use this box. Decorate it for the holidays.

Christmas Box

Add a flameless candle, greenery and a bow, or potpourri.


Tie a bow around it and put a surprise inside for a great gift.

Horseshoe Box

My original plan for the box was attaching rusty tiny horseshoes to the sides as shown here. The box could be painted or you could use wooden adornments, nails and tacks, or bling. Use the décor scheme that suits you.



Horse Ornament

Horse Ornament

I thought it would be fun to make a horse ornament so I cut a horse out of plywood or you could use stiff cardboard or whatever material you have or can find at the craft store. I rubbed Light Brown Briwax on it and cut 2 pieces from a rope and unraveled it.

Back View

I glued the pieces to the back where the tail and mane would go and drilled a hole for a wire hanger. You can use for a Christmas ornament or decoration on a wreath. Paint it any color you desire and brush a little paint on the mane and tail. Bling it or glitter it. Try using suede fringe, ribbon or whatever you have for the mane and tail.

Horse Ornament1

When the holidays are over hang it on the wall to run wild and free year round.

Star Garland

Star Garland Wreath 2

I love rusty stars and bells and decided to make my own star garland.

Star Garland Materials

I cut eight 4″ stars out of 1/4″ plywood on the scroll saw, but if you’re not a wood worker find wood or metal star cut outs at the craft store. You could use any kind of cut outs like hearts, angels or crosses. I drilled two little holes in each star and spray painted them with ‘Autumn Brown’ textured spray paint. Joann’s had 60% off this carton of rusty bells so it was around $6 and I might have used half of them.

Star Garland

I cut the brown 24 gauge wire a little over 5′ long. Then just start threading the stars and bells onto the wire. The bells have little ties on them and they could be cut off but I left them on there just in case I needed them. I slid one end of the wire through one hole in a star, then the other hole and repeat to secure it. I slid on a bell to the middle of the star and threaded the other end of the wire through the other hole. I slid on a bell about 2″ from the star and twisted it. Slide on a star, bell, end of the wire through the other hole and so on. After a while you’ll get the hang of it. Fun for kids too.

Star Garland Wreath

Since I don’t have a mantle I put the garland on a wreath with a burlap bow. You could hang it around a door frame, weave it through pine garland or drape several around your tree. Paint the stars any color: red, green, silver, gold or crackle and use the appropriate color wire. Have fun!

Holiday Lariat Basket

Fall Basket

Here are some ways to use our Lariat Baskets for Western Style Holiday Décor.

Place Autumn branches, pine cones and twig balls in a basket and add a jute bow for Fall or Thanksgiving décor.

Christmas Basket

For a rustic Christmas add pine branches, berry branches, pine cones, twig balls and an antler to a lariat basket.

Burlap Basket

Instead of a burlap bow on the outside, I made a big bow tied with wire and placed it inside the basket. Add pine cones and greenery or fruit, nuts and snacks for a great gift basket.

Burlap Basket with Horseshoe

Make a Lucky Christmas Basket by adding one of our horseshoes.

Burlap Basket with Cross Nail

You could add a Cross Nail to a basket. Paint it, rust it or leave it natural. I’m sure you can come up with many ideas of your own. Try it!