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Horseshoe Hooks

  When I saw a picture of horseshoes and hooks welded together for a coat rack, the idea came to me that I could screw our Small Coat Hooks into Large Horseshoes to make Horseshoe Hooks.     I placed a Small Coat Hook on the bottom of a Large Horseshoe and made marks for […]

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Serape Arrow Coat Rack

For this project I turned an old cabinet door from my kitchen remodel into a beautiful colorful Serape Arrow Coat Rack! Here is what the cabinet door looked like originally. I sanded down the door. It’s ugly now, but will become beautiful! A smaller drawer panel became my practice piece. I tried to find serape […]

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Horseshoe Spur Drapery Holder

I saw a picture on the internet of a horseshoe and spur that held a drapery rod. I thought, we’ve got horseshoes and spurs, so why not put them together and make this! Since I don’t weld, I had to be creative. With the drill press, I drilled a hole at the bottom of the […]

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Wooden Stencil Tray

I’ve always wanted to make a wood tray with slanted sides. The internet didn’t have much to offer, but I gave a tray I had to a friend and he figured the angles, cut sample pieces and wrote down instructions. Much better than the internet! Sample Pieces Template Tray This project can get tricky and […]

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