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Cedar Post Tea Lights

Cedar Post Tea Lights

My neighbor had some old cedar fence posts and was kind enough to let me use them for this project. The post was cut into pieces of 5, 7, and 9 inches long. A 1 5/8″ hole was drilled in the top with a drill press which is a perfect size for tea lights.

Holes Drilled

I cut the bottom of the cedar post that had been decaying in the ground and made a long tea light holder. It was smaller and the outside color was grey. It is 28″ long. When the post was cut the exposed cedar is beautiful and smells so good.

Cedar Posts

Cedar Post Tea Light

Here is a side view of the bottom of the post. I left one end natural and ragged. These would be great for a holiday table center piece with evergreen branches or any time of year for rustic décor.

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