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Christmas Tree

This is my version of the pallet wood Christmas Tree. This tree is made with mahogany since we have plenty of it in our shop.

A mahogany base is screwed and glued onto a dagger board drop. My husband makes dagger boards for sailboats. They are used to keep the boat from sliding sideways during sailing.

Mahogany boards are screwed onto the dagger board drop. A straight edge is used to draw a line where you want to cut.

Cut the boards with a jig saw.

A coat of varnish or sealer gives the mahogany a rich tone.

Nail Small Star Nails to a board to spray paint with metallic silver.

If you drill a hole a little smaller than the nail, they easily tap into the mahogany. A Large Star Nail was added to the top.

Place this tree on your porch or brighten up a corner of your home. Merry Christmas!


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