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Decorative Cross

I was cutting out these shelf brackets from mahogany and noticed a pretty left-over design. Well, I must make something out of that! An idea came to me to make a Decorative Cross piece. The dimensions of this piece are 5″ wide x 14″ tall.

I knew mahogany had a dark rich tone when sealed with a clear sealer. For contrast I squiggled some acrylic turquoise lines to look like turquoise inlay. Since this is the back, I could practice my technique.

A Key hole was installed on the back for easy hanging.

I put a finish on a Leather Cross, then glued on a metal Cross with regular Gorilla Glue. I’ve never used this glue before, and it worked great! I sawed off the little loop hanger at the top of the metal cross and filed any sharp edges.

I wanted to sand some of the sealer so I could glue on the leather cross. I traced the cross onto contact paper, cut it out and taped it onto the wood.

After sanding, I glued the leather cross onto the wood using Titebond regular.

A pretty nice piece from a scrap of wood that might have been thrown away. Have a great Easter!

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