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Decorative Horseshoes

With Pewter Tacks

Decorating horseshoes is fun and easy and great for kids. Our Large Horseshoe is a perfect size for this. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination. If you’re giving as a gift you can personalize it, decorating with what that special person likes. This one has leather lacing and pewter Star Tacks.

With Horseshoe Nail Cross

This horseshoe has turquoise leather cord, a horseshoe nail cross wrapped in copper wire and three horseshoe nails attached at the bottom.

Texas Horseshoe

The Texas Magnet attaches easily to the cast iron. You could use any type of magnet. There is also leather lacing, Oil Rubbed Bronze Star Tacks, and a leather star which can be hot glued on.

Horseshoe with Cross

This horseshoe is wrapped in black leather lacing with wooden black beads at the bottom. The cross is from the Western Cross Magnets Set. It has a clip on the back so I just clipped it to the leather lacing.


Happy 4th of July! Of course I had to be a little patriotic today. This horseshoe is wrapped in red and white leather lacing with Mini Star Nails painted red, white and blue. I stuck the top two stars in the holes. If you wanted it permanent you can put on a little glue. There’s not a hole in the bottom so I bent the nail over and slid it into the lacing. Have fun!

The items used in this project are:

Large Horseshoe

Pewter Star Tacks

Texas Magnet

Oil Rubbed Bronze Star Tacks

Western Cross Magnet

Mini Star Nails

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