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Grapevine Wreath

Making wreaths for Christmas is easy and fun! I used our 12″ metal Star in Ring and an 18″ grapevine wreath. Nothing says rustic and natural like a grapevine wreath.

I wired the star to the wreath and made a bow and wired it on at the bottom. I added pieces of greenery and tied large rustic bells to the wreath with twine.

In the beginning I was going to paint the star and bells red, but I like it just like this!

For a western style wreath I used a 16″ grapevine wreath and cut the top out with a saw to make a horseshoe. I added a bow at the bottom and pieces of greenery.

The twig balls were in a package which I bought years ago. I thought the little twig balls would be cute with the twig wreath, so I spray painted them red and used hot glue to attach.

I drew the horse on plywood, cut it out on the scroll saw and painted it red. I wrote “Howdy Y’all!” with a white paint pen. I used hot glue to attach it to the wreath.

What ideas will you dream up for Christmas?


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