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Hat Bands

Fall Activities are coming up and what better way to show off your style than to wear a hat band that you made yourself. Here are 6 different styles that are easy to make.

I used a palm leaf hat to model the hat bands. Just wet it in the sink, form it into any style you want, and let dry. If you make a mistake, rewet it and fix it. I attached a Rhinestone Star Pin to a grosgrain ribbon for this style. You can also add pins to the hat.

I wove a 5/8″ x 46″ black grosgrain ribbon through eight 1 1/2″ slotted conchos. Tie the ribbon in a square knot in the back and let the ends dangle.

Or you can tie it in a bow.

I cut a 1″ x 23 1/2″ strip of veg tan leather, painted it black and attached 2 types of rivets.

I cut an extra piece for a keeper in the back.

I stapled the ends together and glued the keeper on the band using Titebond. I got a little off on the staples but it worked.

Here’s how it looks in the back.

Pretty snazzy!

This is an old belt cut to length and glued together in the back.

Another old belt with a decorative horse rivet in the front and a plain rivet in the back.

For my final and favorite style, I cut a strip of hair on cowhide and added a decorative concho in the front.

I attached a plain rivet to join it together in the back.

Have fun creating your own hat band style!

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