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Hearts are the theme today to spread some love around the world!

I made these two lariat hearts by simply using a 44″ piece of lariat, pulling it into the shape of a heart and wrapping with red leather lace, leaving enough excess for a tassel.

I could stop right there. You can hang these anywhere and I thought they looked great! But I wanted to make more hearts!

So, I made a heart from pallet boards. I cut a heart shape from plywood, placed the boards together, traced the heart shape on the boards and cut them on the scroll saw, then glued them to the plywood. Actually, I used liquid nails which I don’t recommend because it takes too long to dry. This heart is 8″ wide x 7″ tall.

Then I cut 2 small hearts from the scraps. They are 3 1/2″ wide x 3″ tall.

I attached a green lariat to the large heart with a brad nail gun and tied the lariat hearts together with red bows. I glued on the small hearts and added a red bandana. When I throw things together like this it gives me inspiration for more ideas.

I painted one board red using a dry brush painting technique.

I found a pink lariat and attached it to the large heart with a brad nail gun then glued on a lariat heart. This was not planned and it fit perfectly.

I cut different shapes from plywood, drilled a hole in each and painted them. I attached these pieces to the lariat with twine.

And here is the finished Valentine’s Lariat Wreath!

I made heart hangers from the small pallet hearts by drilling a hole and adding leather lace. Glue on a concho for western flair.

So this is my twist on a few rustic hearts to give you some inspiration. Hope you enjoyed it!




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