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Horse Bit Candles

Horse Bit Candles

Here’s two ways to use horse bits in your décor. If you have some old bits laying around in your tack room this is a fun thing to do. I wrapped a D-ring snaffle around a flameless pillar candle and tied leather lacing to hold it together. I was looking at an old curb bit I had and stood it on it’s side and of course, it’s a candle holder! But this one wasn’t too steady so I built a stand out of mahogany and drilled holes for the candles and a hole in the bit to screw it to the wood.

Curb Bit Candle Holder

horse Bit Candle

Here’s a different version of the leather wrapping. You could use twine, ribbon or anything you’ve got. I think it would be pretty to add greenery for the holidays.

Horse Bit Candles2

Use it for a center piece for parties, holidays or weddings.

Horse Bit Candles3



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