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Horseshoe Jewelry Rack

Making a jewelry rack

I was going through the wood shop and found two boat tillers in the trash, discarded because of minor imperfections. I decided it needed to be a jewelry rack.

I cut them to 28 1/2″ and drilled holes for Tiny Horseshoes. You could buy wood this size at your local lumber store. I drilled mounting holes 16″ apart. I spray painted the wood a metallic bronze and the horseshoes a metallic gold, and mounted ten horseshoes.

Jewelry Rack

Horseshoe Jewelry Rack

Horseshoe Jewelry Rack with Jewelry

You can hang necklaces, bracelets, belts, belt buckles or scarves.

Horseshoe Jewelry Rack 2

I painted another one in a rainbow of colors. Caribbean style for a beach shack or a kids room!

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