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Horseshoe Spur Drapery Holder

I saw a picture on the internet of a horseshoe and spur that held a drapery rod. I thought, we’ve got horseshoes and spurs, so why not put them together and make this!

Since I don’t weld, I had to be creative. With the drill press, I drilled a hole at the bottom of the Large Horseshoe and used the grinder to smooth down a place for the spur. This spur was used in a previous project for a curtain tie back. I cut off the strap holder on one side with a hack saw and smoothed it down with a grinder, then drilled a hole with the drill press. The size of the hole depends on what size screw you’re going to use.

I inserted a screw, put a nut on the back, and spray painted it black. You could use this for a gun rack, hat hook, coat hook, or bridle hook.

I think it looks great!

Add the spur curtain tie back and you have a set! This would look great in a western themed bedroom or great room!


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