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Lariat Wreath

Lariat Wreath with Horseshoes

I wanted to incorporate the Star in Ring into a Christmas wreath and was going to use green garland, but decided to use a lariat rope instead. I tied the rope onto the ring with leather lace and tied on horseshoes and a spur. This looked kind of messy to me. So I took everything off and started again.

Lariat Wreath with Tassle

I wrapped the rope with jute twine at the top and on each side and tied it tight. It is holding the Star in Ring at the top of the rope. I stuck Small Star Nails into the twine and you may want to add some hot glue. The tasseled rope at the top was from another project and I placed it behind the star nail. Add a little glue here too. It is just a piece of lariat rope unraveled and wrapped with leather lace.

Lariat Wreath with Bow

I added a burlap bow with pine cones to the bottom. Leave that off for year round and decorate for other holidays accordingly. Have fun!

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