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Leather Star Candle Holder

Leather Star Candle Holder

I had some leather and a cedar wood block and thought I would make a rustic western candle holder. If you’re wondering why the angel is in the picture, it was sitting on the table and I left it there. She adds a little peace to the scene.

I drilled a hole in the top for a flameless candle and punched a hole in the leather for a cowhide star concho. An adapter screw was used to screw the concho into the wood. The leather was attached with contact cement. Vinegar was sprayed on the star nails and set in the sun for a while and then sealed with clear polyurethane spray. Then they were pushed into holes drilled in the top of the wood around the candle. When I used a leather conditioner on the leather I accidently got some on the wood so I ‘conditioned’ all of the wood. It made it look even more rustic.

These items used in this project are available in the store:

Concho Cowhide Star

Star Nail Mini

Cast Iron Angel

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