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Ox Yoke Light

I found this reproduction ox yoke and later found these small parchment shades. I wanted to make an ox yoke light.


Old ox yokes are used in many ways for home décor. Here it is used for a support on a table.

Here is an ox yoke coat rack and there are many styles of ox yoke lighting.


When I bought the shades, I didn’t think about the fact that this clip-on style wouldn’t work with this fixture, so I improvised by unlacing the shade and taking out the ring and clip. I cut the clip from the ring and braised on a plate.



Not pretty, but it works. Now I can screw the shade onto a threaded tube, which is commonly used in lighting.


I used my wood burning tool to etch running horses and a longhorn on each end. I used rustic 1″ Hammered Nails to decorate the yoke.


I drilled holes into the yoke for the tubes and screwed the socket and lamp shade on the bottom end. A nut is screwed onto the top end of the tube to hold it securely, and the excess is cut off. I spray painted spacers and screwed them on between the shade and yoke. (This spacer is not painted yet) The hook will screw into the top for the hanging chain.

The wiring was done by my assistant (husband), which I greatly appreciated. After I bought the shades I noticed I had two with diagonal lace and two with X lace, so I just used the X lace in the middle. The yoke is 39″ long and the shades are 6″ wide x 5″ tall.

Here’s the finished fixture!

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