Longhorn Candle Holder

Longhorn Candle Holder

I decided to use one of the pallet wood pieces, turn it on its side and drill three holes to make a triple candle holder. Holes were drilled for Small Star Nails and for mounting the cast iron Longhorn. The wood was left bare and rustic. I inserted battery operated candles, but glass votive candles could be used. The cast iron could be painted or rusted.

Star Candle Holder

christmas candle holder2

I took one of our Wooden Candle Holders, stained it and partially sanded it. Holes were drilled in the top for the Mini Star Nails which were painted red and green. I bent the nails over so when stuck in the candle holder they are standing upright. There are two types of Mini Star Nails. One with a short nail and one with a long nail. You may email me if you specifically want the long nail. I wrapped ribbon around the candle holder and tied a bow. Finally a cinnamon candle was added. You could tie on different colored bows for different seasons or holidays as well as painting the stars and candle holder different colors or designs to match your holiday.

Horses & Stars

horses and stars

I drew and cut out horses out of plywood. I wanted them large to make a statement on the wall above my bed, so they are about 2′ x 3′ each. I spray painted them with various colors of textured paint to make them look like metal. A neighbor felt of them and still thought they were metal. By sticking painted star nails on the wall around the horses, it looks as though they are flying through the sky.

Lariat Rope Wreath

Lariat rope wreath

Making a wreath with a Lariat Rope is easy. Use wire to tie on greenery. I watched a few videos on the internet on how to make a burlap bow. The red stripe is on one side of the burlap ribbon so when I made the bow I twisted each loop so that the stripe showed on the outside. Then I tied on boot ornaments from the dollar store. You could decorate a rope in a multitude of ways and colors for any holiday or occasion.

Longhorn Bling


I thought it would be fun to fancy up a cast iron longhorn. I spray painted it gold and glued bling from the craft store on the horns. A purple star was added to the forehead.  I tied shiny gold ribbon through the mounting holes to hang. This could be a fun project for kids.

Longhorn Coat Rack

Longhorn Coat Rack

This project took quite a while from planning to finish. I placed the cast iron items and rope from the craft store on a board in different ways until I was satisfied. I took several pictures and played with the colors for the wood in Photoshop. I knew I wanted to crackle the paint so I did it in sections, then glued the rope on and frayed the ends. I tied and glued on leather cord to keep it from unraveling. I spray painted the cast iron metallic silver and drilled holes to mount them. The longhorns could hold jewelry, caps, hats, belts, or coats.

Items for the project from Western General Store

Longhorn Skull Drawer Pulls

Large Horseshoes

Star Nails

Barnwood Frame with Mini Star Nails

barnwood_frame_with _mini_star_nails

I wanted to dress up a barn wood frame, so with a staple gun I put in rope from the craft store, tied a knot in the end and frayed it. I put Mini Star Nails in the corners after drilling holes for them. I glued a little bling on each star and brushed some blue paint on the star nails, rope and a little on the frayed end.

Longhorn Tray with Steer Drawer Pulls

There’s a herd of Texas Longhorns down the road from us and I’ve taken several photos.


I took one of the photos and placed on graphite paper on bass wood to trace the outline of the head.

With a wood burning tool from the craft store ($25.00) I burned in the image and finished all the shading. I framed it in maple wood for a tray.

I used the Steer Drawer pulls for the handles which I spray painted textured brown and sealed the wood with a salad bowl finish.

Items from westerngeneralstore.com for this project

Steer Drawer Pulls

Wooden Candle Holders

set of 3 wooden candle holders - westerngeneralstore.com

Many years ago a friend gave us several boards from huge pallets. They have been sitting around the shop until we could find some use for them. I came up with the idea to cut them up and turn them into candle holders.  It took a lot of sanding and no small chore to drill the holes. I’m not even sure what type of wood it is. So here they are bare bones and ready for creativity.