Star Trinket Box

Star Casing

This is a wood star corner block used for trim on Americana themed windows and doors. I saw this at the home improvement store and envisioned a cute wooden trinket box.


I cut a board into pieces the same size as the star trim and glued and nailed it together with a brad nail gun.

Star Box

I spray painted it white and added hinges and a latch from the hardware store.



Star Trinket Box

It would be fun to decorate this trinket box for the holidays.

Caps Keys & Coat Rack

From this day forward there will be one post a month on the first Monday of every month.

Now, today’s project:

Cap Keys & Coat Rack

Create a place for your caps, keys, coats, and umbrellas. Nail horseshoe nails to a Large Horseshoe on a weathered pallet board or any type of wood. Screw in Large Coat Hooks or Hall Tree Hooks. Paint the wood or cast iron any color  you desire or leave as is.

With Cap Keys & Umbrella

This would be very handy right by the door so you can grab on your way out or hang up as you come in.


Star Tray

Star Tray

I made a wood star tray with molding for the sides. The shape is like a primitive star.


You will be cutting 10 pieces any length you want. These were about 5 inches and the star was about 13 1/2 inches wide. You may want to cut scrap pieces before cutting the actual molding.


First make a jig for the cuts at the points of the star. Screw a piece of wood onto a piece of 1/2 inch plywood at 54 degrees. Put your miter saw at 30 degrees and clamp and cut each piece making sure to lay it on the correct side so that the cut pieces fit together. Cut the pieces about 2 inches longer than you want them to be.

Jig Diagram

Diagram of the jig.

30 Degree Angle

The other end is cut at 30 degrees. Clamp a scrap piece and place the piece to cut against it so they will all be the same length. Clamp each piece you are cutting so it doesn’t move and make sure to lay it on the correct side.

Glue and Tape

Tape all the pieces together to make sure they fit, then glue and tape. Let dry overnight. Nail the pieces with a brad nail gun.

Ready to Paint

Trace around the star on a piece of 1/4 inch plywood and cut it out on the band or scroll saw. Glue the star to the plywood, let dry and brad nail it. Sand as needed after each step. Use wood filler to fill any joints or nail holes. Then start painting.


I cut a piece off of a big soft sponge, got it wet, and squeezed out the excess. Paint acrylic dark brown all over, let dry then randomly dab a lighter brown, gray, orange, back to dark brown, etc. Dry with a hair dryer between coats if you’re in a hurry. Just keep layering until your are happy with it. If you make a mistake just paint over it. I wanted a rusty tin look.

Star Tray

Spray a sealer coat and you are done! This wasn’t an easy project but it was fun and I felt as though I had accomplished something unique.




Longhorn Jewelry Holder

Longhorn Jewelry Holder

Here’s a way you can use our Longhorn Skull Drawer Pulls. The post and base are put together with a mortise and tenon joint, glue and a screw in the bottom. Drill holes where you want the drawer pulls. I sprayed a couple of coats of varnish, let dry and attach the drawer pulls. You can paint the wood or the drawer pulls any color you desire.

Longhorn Jewelry

Western Garland


This Western Garland is a new item. What fun you can have with this! It’s made of metal or tin with coiled wire and painted brown. It is 8 foot long with a loop on each end to attach anywhere you want. You can spray paint the whole thing a different color or multi colors. You could paint each piece a different color.

It would be great for birthday parties or any holiday or just decoration on the mantel year round. You could even cut the wire, pull each piece out, attach a wire loop where the holes were, paint your choice of color and use for western ornaments!

You could also weave it into some pine garland or into a wreath.

You have a choice of Texas, Steer, Boot or Horse or buy all four so you have a big variety. I’m sure there are many more ways to use this garland. Have fun!

Decorative Horseshoes

With Pewter Tacks

Decorating horseshoes is fun and easy and great for kids. Our Large Horseshoe is a perfect size for this. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination. If you’re giving as a gift you can personalize it, decorating with what that special person likes. This one has leather lacing and pewter Star Tacks.

With Horseshoe Nail Cross

This horseshoe has turquoise leather cord, a horseshoe nail cross wrapped in copper wire and three horseshoe nails attached at the bottom.

Texas Horseshoe

The Texas Magnet attaches easily to the cast iron. You could use any type of magnet. There is also leather lacing, Oil Rubbed Bronze Star Tacks, and a leather star which can be hot glued on.

Horseshoe with Cross

This horseshoe is wrapped in black leather lacing with wooden black beads at the bottom. The cross is from the Western Cross Magnets Set. It has a clip on the back so I just clipped it to the leather lacing.


Happy 4th of July! Of course I had to be a little patriotic today. This horseshoe is wrapped in red and white leather lacing with Mini Star Nails painted red, white and blue. I stuck the top two stars in the holes. If you wanted it permanent you can put on a little glue. There’s not a hole in the bottom so I bent the nail over and slid it into the lacing. Have fun!

The items used in this project are:

Large Horseshoe

Pewter Star Tacks

Texas Magnet

Oil Rubbed Bronze Star Tacks

Western Cross Magnet

Mini Star Nails

July 4th Wreath

July 4th Wreath

July 4th is around the corner! Time to make a patriotic wreath. I found all this burlap ribbon on sale last year and have been saving it just for this. There are lots of videos on making burlap wreaths and bows so you can do it! I used a wood cut out horse from a previous post and painted it like a US flag. I would hot glue it or hang it with wire. Have fun!

Southwest Frame

Original Frame

I saw this frame in a local Mexican Restaurant and thought I would try to make it.


I found this molding in the home improvement store.

Routing the edge

First using a router I cut the edge where the picture is inserted.

45 degree cut

Cut the 45 degree angles on a non electric miter saw and did a little sanding. This is a 11×14 frame.

Mark for cuts

I marked the center of each piece and drew the lines for the cuts which are an inch apart. I made the cuts on the scroll saw.

Fitting together

It fit together nicely.


So I glued the joints and used a brad gun on the corners, then hammered in a corrugated fastener.

Southwest Frame

I spray painted the frame with a turquoise blue color and put in a colorful picture. I think it turned out well.

Table Leg Candle Holder

Bunt Feet Table Legs

When I saw these bunt feet table legs in the local home improvement store I thought I could make a candle holder.

Screw in Vice

I unscrewed the screw from the wood using a vice.

Nail in Candle

I cut off the head of a nail and drilled a small hole in the top of the wood and bottom of taper candle and inserted the nail into the candle.

Taper Candle

I placed the candle onto the wood base.

For a different candle holder I drilled a hole a little smaller than the screw into the top of the first piece and the other piece and drilled a hole into the bottom of a pillar candle.

Pillar Candle

I screwed the second wood leg piece onto the first piece and screwed the candle onto the top. I made and screwed on another piece to the bottom to give it more stability and finished all pieces with light brown Briwax. You could paint or stain any color to go with your décor.

Flameless Candle

Here it is with a flameless candle.