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Decorative Horseshoes

Decorating horseshoes is fun and easy and great for kids. Our Large Horseshoe is a perfect size for this. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination. If you’re giving as a gift you can personalize it, decorating with what that special person likes. This one has leather lacing and pewter Star Tacks.

This horseshoe has turquoise leather cord, … Read More

July 4th Wreath

July 4th is around the corner! Time to make a patriotic wreath. I found all this burlap ribbon on sale last year and have been saving it just for this. There are lots of videos on making burlap wreaths and bows so you can do it! I used a wood cut out horse from a previous post and painted it … Read More

Table Leg Candle Holder

When I saw these bunt feet table legs in the local home improvement store I thought I could make a candle holder.

I unscrewed the screw from the wood using a vice.

I cut off the head of a nail and drilled a small hole in the top of the wood and bottom of taper candle and inserted the nail … Read More

Concho Frame

Consider using conchos and spots to adorn frames, cabinets or wooden wall art.

I used a screw adapter to screw it into the frame.

I had these spots that went well with the Square Berry Copper Concho. With a utility knife I made indentions in the wood, placed the spot and hammered it into the frame.… Read More

Horseshoe Welcome Sign

I picked up the cast iron Horseshoe Welcome Sign and placed it on a weathered board. I thought of putting a Tiny Horseshoe on each side, but decided to use Tiny Stars. I painted the stars to match the sign and screwed everything into the board with brown screws from the hardware store. I was going to stop right … Read More

Pallet Wall Art

Use your pallet boards to make a wall art piece. Screw vertical supports from the back side. Cut a your favorite subject matter from plywood, spray paint it and add by screwing from the back or gluing. Then add clavos to the supports. This piece is approximately 24″ wide x 18″ tall.… Read More

Spring Lariat Wreath

Make a Spring Lariat Wreath for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just to celebrate the Spring! I had a pink lariat rope in which I zip tied together at the top. I zip tied a burlap bow to the rope and added raffia to cover the zip tie. I drew and cut a heart out of plywood with the scroll … Read More

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