Cross Bench

Cross Bench 2

You can use our Cross Brackets to make this simple bench. The top piece is 11 x 36 x 1 1/2 and the legs are 11 x 16 x 1 1/2 pine.

Cross Bench

Four Cross Brackets were screwed into the top piece and leg pieces.

Unscrew Hanger

I removed the hanger from each of the small crosses which I wanted to attach to each leg.

Back of Cross

Then found a longer screw that would fit it and drilled a hole in the leg piece. Use a counter sink bit if necessary.


Screw the cross to the leg piece from the inside.

Cross Bench Side View

After the dark brown Briwax  finish was applied I noticed my sanding marks which gave it a distressed look.

There are several other types of braces on the website that you could use such as Star Braces, Cobb Webb Braces, and Horse Braces.

The items used in this project are:

Cross Bracket

Small Cross D58-078


Cowhide Frame

Cowhide Frame

Here’s an idea for a western frame. I wanted to add hair on cowhide to an 8×10 barn wood frame and had some strips from another project that fit perfectly inside of this frame. That was easy! With a leather rotary cutter I had to cut 2 more strips to have enough. I glued them to the frame with hot glue, but next time I would use epoxy or Titebond the original. Holes were drilled for the 1″ silver Clavos in the corners and I attached one 3/4″ on each side. I sprayed Small Star Nails metallic silver and drilled holes to nail them into the upper and lower part of the frame. These star nails had longer nails so I was able to nail them in and keep them on the outer portion of the frame. It was a simple design and not a lot of work. Hopefully this will give you inspiration to come up with your own fancy creation.

Horseshoe Bottle Opener

Horseshoe Bottle Opener

Here’s an idea for a man cave. I found an old broken board from a weathered pallet and placed a Small Horseshoe on it, set a Bottle Opener inside it and screwed it to the board. The opener held the horseshoe to the board so I didn’t put any screws there, but you may want to do that. Use long screws to attach the Tiny Stars and mount on the wall. You could paint the cast iron items and/or the board, but I like it as is. Let the cast iron rust or spray a clear sealer to protect them.

Items used for this project are:

Bottle Opener

Small Horseshoe

Tiny Stars

Bottle Opener

Armoire Lighting


This might be an idea you haven’t thought of for lighting the inside of an old armoire. I purchased this large antique armoire for storage. It came with shelves but I needed a way to light the inside.

Armoire Lighting

I used a 16 foot rope light with mounting clips from Walmart. I drilled a hole in the lower back right corner to feed the wire of a power strip with a switch and plugged it into the wall outlet. I attached the strip to the bottom of one of the shelves with mounting tape, plugged in the rope light and placed it around the perimeter using mounting tape and a few clips. So I just flip the switch and let there be light!

Hall Tree Coat Rack


I’ve always wanted to make a Hall Tree Coat Rack. Here’s our version of it. The post is 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ and the total height to the top of the star is 5′ 8 1/2″. I attached Large Coat Hooks and drilled a hole in the top and inserted a Mini Star Nail.


For the base, John came up with the idea of attaching the Star Braces for stability. I love this! The wood pieces are glued and screwed into the post.

Coat Rack

You could paint the hooks and star to match the braces or paint it all the color of your choice. Stain or paint the wood or leave natural.

Branding Irons

Branding Irons

You can use our Branding Irons on steaks but also on wood or leather to create designs for coat racks, picture frames, wooden boxes and many other wooden items. We just used a torch and it takes a while. A camp fire would work great. Experiment a little with it. The star brand I held a little too long the first time. But you may want that effect.


Star Brand

Clavos Basket




Clavos Basket

You can use Clavos for many different things like rustic doors, picture frames or upholstery, but why not dress up any basket with these 1″ Silver Clavos. Just stick them in and make your own design. You could put a little hot glue and snip off the points inside the basket.

Horseshoe Pallet Tray

Horseshoe Pallet Tray

I’m using up the last of my weathered pallet so I wanted to make a tray. This is one of those ‘design as you build’ projects. Instead of having upright sides I decided to lay them down.

Bottom View

I used 3/4″ screws and a counter sink bit to attach the three boards to the frame.


Here’s the side view and you can see how the frame hangs over a bit on the ends. I painted all of the cut ends as rustic as I could to match. I was going to use rope for handles until I saw the painted horseshoes lying there from previous project and I thought ‘perfect’!


You can use and decorate this tray in many ways.

Tea Lights

Breakfast Tray

Breakfast Tray

To make a Rustic Western Breakfast Tray, I took wide weathered pallet boards and cut them the size I wanted. I painted the cut ends by using various watered down mixtures of gray, brown, black and white acrylic paint and wiping it off with a damp rag. I screwed the top boards to the side boards and attached corner braces underneath for strength. I screwed in the Large Horseshoes for handles. The dimensions are approximately 20″ wide x 10″ deep x 6″ tall.

Horseshoes on Breakfast Tray

This tray can be used as a breakfast tray in bed or on the couch. Or use it for reading a book or writing.