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Branding Irons

You can use our Branding Irons on steaks but also on wood or leather to create designs for coat racks, picture frames, wooden boxes and many other wooden items. We just used a torch and it takes a while. A camp fire would work great. Experiment a little with it. The star brand I held a little too long the … Read More

Clavos Basket




You can use Clavos for many different things like rustic doors, picture frames or upholstery, but why not dress up any basket with these 1″ Silver Clavos. Just stick them in and make your own design. You could put a little hot glue and snip off the points inside the basket.… Read More

Horseshoe Pallet Tray

I’m using up the last of my weathered pallet so I wanted to make a tray. This is one of those ‘design as you build’ projects. Instead of having upright sides I decided to lay them down.

I used 3/4″ screws and a counter sink bit to attach the three boards to the frame.

Here’s the side view and you … Read More

Breakfast Tray

To make a Rustic Western Breakfast Tray, I took wide weathered pallet boards and cut them the size I wanted. I painted the cut ends by using various watered down mixtures of gray, brown, black and white acrylic paint and wiping it off with a damp rag. I screwed the top boards to the side boards and attached corner braces … Read More

Spur Curtain Tie Back

Use our cast iron spur for a curtain tie back. This one was unpainted and I spray painted it textured brown and a little black. I cut off the strap holder on one side with a hack saw and smoothed it down with a grinder. I drilled a hole with a drill press.

This picture shows the spur screwed into … Read More

Cedar Post Tea Lights

My neighbor had some old cedar fence posts and was kind enough to let me use them for this project. The post was cut into pieces of 5, 7, and 9 inches long. A 1 5/8″ hole was drilled in the top with a drill press which is a perfect size for tea lights.

I cut the bottom of the … Read More

Pallet Wood Box

My initial thought was to make a pallet wood tray with rope handles. That idea evolved into first a box, then a box with a lid. I showed some sketches to my husband and he built a prototype out of rough mahogany without me even knowing about it. How sweet! I was really excited then, but I wanted to make … Read More

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