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Pallet Wood Boot

Pallet Wood Boot

This idea just hit me one day to make a pallet wood boot. I wanted it large so the size of this boot is 18″ tall x 14″ wide. As usual I just dove in without thinking about how to make a template. I laid out the boards and with a ruler started drawing lines to make the cuts to shape the boot. I changed my mind on some of the lines so I had pencil marks that couldn’t be erased. Oh well, so I made the cuts on a scroll saw and laid the pieces on a 1/4″ piece of plywood, traced around it and cut out the plywood. So I had my template. One should make an extra template out of card board or plywood so you have it for future use. I laid the template on another set of pallet wood boards and traced around it and made the cuts. I glued the pieces to the plywood template with Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue, clamped them and let dry overnight. Now the fun begins!

Cowgirl Boot

Here are a few ideas on how to decorate this boot. Paint on a message and add a pink bandana. These letters are digital to show different ideas.

Cowboy Boot Sign

Of course for the Cowboy!

Southwest boot

Southwest Boot ~ You could paint Native American symbols.

Southwest Boot with Rope

Another southwest boot with a rope.

You could add ribbons, bows, paint, foliage for fall or Christmas, bells, lights. The possibilities are endless.







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