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Pallet Wood Cross

Pallet Wood Cross

I had some weathered pallet boards and decided to make a rustic cross.

Pallet Wood Boards

Table Saw

I cut them the length I wanted and my assistant/husband cut a dado on the table saw. The dimensions of the cross became 16 1/2″ wide x 19″ tall.

Cut Boards

Boards Fit Together

I glued the boards together and attached copper upholstery nails.

Horseshoe Cross

These photos are to show you the different crosses you could use with the pallet wood cross.

You can drill a hole through the cast iron cross and screw it to the wood.

Small Cross

You could probably use epoxy to attach this small cross.

Scroll Cross

You could also paint the wood or the cast iron crosses to give it the effect you wanted.

Here are the cast iron crosses shown in this project:

Cross with Star and Horseshoe

Cross with Horseshoes and Star

Cross D58-080

Cross D58-090

Send us photos of your projects along with instructions and we will post them right here on the blog. Also we welcome your questions, suggestions or comments.

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