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Springtime Crafts

Spring is just around the corner so time to bring out the colors of spring.

It’s easy to make a Spring Hat Wreath. I had this sun hat and found a flower garland at the craft store to wrap around it. I wired on a burlap bow and a twine hanger for the top.

Make a horseshoe candle holder by screwing Small Horseshoes onto a block of wood, paint it the colors of spring and add silk or real flowers. Use as centerpieces for weddings or parties. It will hold a 3″ pillar candle or…

A votive.

To make a rustic spring planter I gathered scraps from my weathered pallet wood projects.

I glued and nailed the upright pieces to a pallet wood base.

I used the rest of the flower garland and tied twine around the  planter.

Or you could add daisies and a distressed Cross Nail.

Here is another color scheme with a Mini Star Nail.

These ideas should give you inspiration to create for Springtime.

Leather Star Candle Holder

Leather Star Candle Holder

I had some leather and a cedar wood block and thought I would make a rustic western candle holder. If you’re wondering why the angel is in the picture, it was sitting on the table and I left it there. She adds a little peace to the scene.

I drilled a hole in the top for a flameless candle and punched a hole in the leather for a cowhide star concho. An adapter screw was used to screw the concho into the wood. The leather was attached with contact cement. Vinegar was sprayed on the star nails and set in the sun for a while and then sealed with clear polyurethane spray. Then they were pushed into holes drilled in the top of the wood around the candle. When I used a leather conditioner on the leather I accidently got some on the wood so I ‘conditioned’ all of the wood. It made it look even more rustic.

These items used in this project are available in the store:

Concho Cowhide Star

Star Nail Mini

Cast Iron Angel

Wood Star Candle Holder

Wood Star Unpainted

Remember the Chunky Wood Star from last week? Well, lay it down and drill a 2 1/8″ hole with a Forstner bit and you have a candle holder. Paint or decorate it to your heart’s desire and add a candle, glass votive or flameless candle. Fun for kids to paint, too!

Wood Star Painted Examples

Here are some painted examples to spark your imagination.

Wood Star Painted Brown

Here is one I spray painted with textured brown then sprayed a little black to give it the rustic flair. Paint it to go with your décor. This type of candle holder could be used in weddings, parties, and around the home. You can make it or purchase on the website here.


July 4th Candle Holder


Time to get ready for July 4th or Memorial Day! I used one of the pallet wood candle holders. A 2 1/8″ Forstner bit was used to drill the hole for a candle, flameless candle or glass votive. The hole was drilled 1″ deep. I painted the top navy blue with little white stars. On the sides I painted the stripes several different ways until I settled on quirky. Small holes were drilled in the top corners for the mini star nails like in this previous post. The star nails were painted white. I found a star bandana, which I haven’t been able to find since, and tied it around the wood. This would be cute for a table center piece for parties. This item can be purchased on the website: Candle Holder for July 4th

Blue Cross Candle Holder

Blue Cross Candle Holder

Blue Cross Candle Holder Back

I used one of our pallet wood blanks to make a rustic candle holder. I painted it white and continued to add several different colors until it looked old and rustic. I wrapped rope around it and tied in a bow, then added an iron cross I had with epoxy. I put a flameless votive candle in the top but you could use a real candle. DIY or purchase on the website:

Pallet Wood Blanks

Blue Crosses – Set of Three

Blue Cross Candle Holder

Longhorn Candle Holder

Longhorn Candle Holder

I decided to use one of the pallet wood pieces, turn it on its side and drill three holes to make a triple candle holder. Holes were drilled for Small Star Nails and for mounting the cast iron Longhorn. The wood was left bare and rustic. I inserted battery operated candles, but glass votive candles could be used. The cast iron could be painted or rusted.

Star Candle Holder

christmas candle holder2

I took one of our Wooden Candle Holders, stained it and partially sanded it. Holes were drilled in the top for the Mini Star Nails which were painted red and green. I bent the nails over so when stuck in the candle holder they are standing upright. There are two types of Mini Star Nails. One with a short nail and one with a long nail. You may email me if you specifically want the long nail. I wrapped ribbon around the candle holder and tied a bow. Finally a cinnamon candle was added. You could tie on different colored bows for different seasons or holidays as well as painting the stars and candle holder different colors or designs to match your holiday.

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