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Horseshoe Wreath

I have always wanted to make a horseshoe wreath, but since I’m not a welder, I created a new way to make it.

I used #6 x 3/4″ pan head machine screws and nuts. I did enlarge a few holes on the drill press so the screws would fit.

These are large cast iron horseshoes. You could use steel horseshoes as well.

Getting the right screw is crucial and these fit perfectly.

I was so exited, I immediately wrapped red bandanas through the horseshoes.

I sprayed the horseshoes silver metallic and wove a pink bandana through the horseshoes, a blue one next to it and tied it in the back.

You’ve got to love this cowboy version! I sprayed one of our Western Cutouts silver and attached it with wire. I wrapped blue and red bandanas and tied them in the front.

Star Horseshoe Wreath with a star burlap ribbon, Mini Star Nails painted red and a painted Star in Circle Cutout hung by wire.

Texas Horseshoe Wreath with Texas in Circle Cutout, blue and red bandanas, and Texas Barbed Wire Conchos. I added concho screw adapters to the conchos and screwed them into the holes. I painted the cutout to resemble the Texas flag.

This is with a plain burlap ribbon woven through the horseshoes and tied into a bow at the bottom. Looks like decoration for a wedding.

The possibilities are endless and these ideas will give you inspiration to create your own. It’s fun and easy!

Tiny Horseshoe Hangers

Baby Shower Horseshoes

Paint your Tiny Horseshoes and glue on leather, jute, or ribbon. Super glue works well on the leather but not the jute. For jute use hot glue or any multipurpose glue. Tie in a square knot. I thought these would be cute for a horse themed baby shower. Give them as party favors or use for decoration. These horseshoe hangers are fun to make for kids and adults.

Southwest Style Horseshoe

Here’s my attempt at Southwest style.

Wedding Horseshoe

Wedding Horseshoes for favors or decoration. Glue on some bling. I took this string from a gift bag.

Gold Horseshoe

Gold Horseshoe with plain jute twine.

Native American Style Horseshoe

Native American style horseshoe in which I tied on leather and beads. You could give any of these as gifts and write a message on the back with a permanent marker. You could say ‘Good Luck!’ for one who starts a new job.

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