Western General Store Home Decor

Table Lamps

This is my first time making table lamps and it’s so easy that I had ideas for about 10 western style lamps. I made three to give you inspiration to create your own. You can purchase the lamp parts at home improvement or hardware stores and they’re easy to assemble.

In my husband’s shop was this unique looking Padauk wood … Read More

Western Style Mirrors

I’ve always wanted to make western style mirrors. I bought a couple of mirrors from the craft store, one 12″x12″ and the other 10″ round. I used the weathered wood frame from the Clocks blog. Since I used epoxy to ‘glue’ in the tile, it took a while to get it out and clean it up. I had to rout … Read More


It’s ‘time’ to make clocks! You can make a clock out of just about anything. It’s easy and fun!

We have some left over Saltillo tile we used from a house project and I wanted to make something with one of the tiles. I put together a barn wood frame and routed out a place on the front of the … Read More

Horseshoe Towel Holder

This project evolved over time as I came up with ideas. Sometimes I pick up a horseshoe and ideas start popping into my head.

My husband has a wood shop so we have tons of wood. I grabbed a board and screwed a Large Horseshoe on each side and put a couple of finger towels on it. Cute! But…that wasn’t … Read More

Western Garland

This Western Garland is a new item. What fun you can have with this! It’s made of metal or tin with coiled wire and painted brown. It is 8 foot long with a loop on each end to attach anywhere you want. You can spray paint the whole thing a different color or multi colors. You could paint each piece … Read More

Horseshoe Shelf

When I was sketching the plan for a spur brace I also came up with the idea of using horseshoes for a brace. This shelf is about 18″ long out of cedar that has been burned with a torch and finished with clear sealer. I screwed the shelf to the bottom board then I screwed Small Horseshoes which had been … Read More

Wooden Towel Holder

I found 2 scrap pieces of 1/2″ birch plywood in the shop to make a wooden towel holder. On the scroll saw I cut slots to fit the pieces together.

Here are the finished pieces. I traced the inside of the Small Horseshoes and cut the holes. I recut the top a little fancier, stained the pieces, nailed the horseshoes … Read More

Rope Frame

This is an easy project to make a rustic western rope frame. I cut 4 pieces of rope, 2 1/2″ longer than the frame on each side. I cut 4 pieces of rope to fit on the inside of frame. I attached the rope with a brad gun but you could probably use hot glue, then I unraveled the ends … Read More

Horseshoe Cross

Here’s a way to use our Tiny Horseshoes. I drew this cross by hand as you can tell it’s not perfect and cut it out of red oak wood on the scroll saw. It is 13″ tall x 10″ wide x 5/8″ thick. After tons of sanding I varnished it. I laid out my horseshoes and screwed them into … Read More

Pallet Wood Boot

This idea just hit me one day to make a pallet wood boot. I wanted it large so the size of this boot is 18″ tall x 14″ wide. As usual I just dove in without thinking about how to make a template. I laid out the boards and with a ruler started drawing lines to make the cuts to … Read More

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