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Springtime Crafts

Spring is just around the corner so time to bring out the colors of spring.

It’s easy to make a Spring Hat Wreath. I had this sun hat and found a flower garland at the craft store to wrap around it. I wired on a burlap bow and a twine hanger for the top.

Make a horseshoe candle holder by screwing Small Horseshoes onto a block of wood, paint it the colors of spring and add silk or real flowers. Use as centerpieces for weddings or parties. It will hold a 3″ pillar candle or…

A votive.

To make a rustic spring planter I gathered scraps from my weathered pallet wood projects.

I glued and nailed the upright pieces to a pallet wood base.

I used the rest of the flower garland and tied twine around the  planter.

Or you could add daisies and a distressed Cross Nail.

Here is another color scheme with a Mini Star Nail.

These ideas should give you inspiration to create for Springtime.


Hearts are the theme today to spread some love around the world!

I made these two lariat hearts by simply using a 44″ piece of lariat, pulling it into the shape of a heart and wrapping with red leather lace, leaving enough excess for a tassel.

I could stop right there. You can hang these anywhere and I thought they looked great! But I wanted to make more hearts!

So, I made a heart from pallet boards. I cut a heart shape from plywood, placed the boards together, traced the heart shape on the boards and cut them on the scroll saw, then glued them to the plywood. Actually, I used liquid nails which I don’t recommend because it takes too long to dry. This heart is 8″ wide x 7″ tall.

Then I cut 2 small hearts from the scraps. They are 3 1/2″ wide x 3″ tall.

I attached a green lariat to the large heart with a brad nail gun and tied the lariat hearts together with red bows. I glued on the small hearts and added a red bandana. When I throw things together like this it gives me inspiration for more ideas.

I painted one board red using a dry brush painting technique.

I found a pink lariat and attached it to the large heart with a brad nail gun then glued on a lariat heart. This was not planned and it fit perfectly.

I cut different shapes from plywood, drilled a hole in each and painted them. I attached these pieces to the lariat with twine.

And here is the finished Valentine’s Lariat Wreath!

I made heart hangers from the small pallet hearts by drilling a hole and adding leather lace. Glue on a concho for western flair.

So this is my twist on a few rustic hearts to give you some inspiration. Hope you enjoyed it!




Lariat Wreath

Lariat Wreath with Horseshoes

I wanted to incorporate the Star in Ring into a Christmas wreath and was going to use green garland, but decided to use a lariat rope instead. I tied the rope onto the ring with leather lace and tied on horseshoes and a spur. This looked kind of messy to me. So I took everything off and started again.

Lariat Wreath with Tassle

I wrapped the rope with jute twine at the top and on each side and tied it tight. It is holding the Star in Ring at the top of the rope. I stuck Small Star Nails into the twine and you may want to add some hot glue. The tasseled rope at the top was from another project and I placed it behind the star nail. Add a little glue here too. It is just a piece of lariat rope unraveled and wrapped with leather lace.

Lariat Wreath with Bow

I added a burlap bow with pine cones to the bottom. Leave that off for year round and decorate for other holidays accordingly. Have fun!

July 4th Wreath

July 4th Wreath

July 4th is around the corner! Time to make a patriotic wreath. I found all this burlap ribbon on sale last year and have been saving it just for this. There are lots of videos on making burlap wreaths and bows so you can do it! I used a wood cut out horse from a previous post and painted it like a US flag. I would hot glue it or hang it with wire. Have fun!

Spring Lariat Wreath

Spring Lariat Wreath

Make a Spring Lariat Wreath for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just to celebrate the Spring! I had a pink lariat rope in which I zip tied together at the top. I zip tied a burlap bow to the rope and added raffia to cover the zip tie. I drew and cut a heart out of plywood with the scroll saw and painted it white. I applied crackle medium, let dry and added pink paint. I painted jute twine white and hot glued it around the heart. For the letters I used acrylic paint markers and tied the heart to the top with white thread. Silk flowers were inserted into the rope at the top. This should give you some ideas to create your own Springtime wreath.

Lariat Rope Wreath

Lariat rope wreath

Making a wreath with a Lariat Rope is easy. Use wire to tie on greenery. I watched a few videos on the internet on how to make a burlap bow. The red stripe is on one side of the burlap ribbon so when I made the bow I twisted each loop so that the stripe showed on the outside. Then I tied on boot ornaments from the dollar store. You could decorate a rope in a multitude of ways and colors for any holiday or occasion.

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