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Tiny Horseshoe Hangers

Baby Shower Horseshoes

Paint your Tiny Horseshoes and glue on leather, jute, or ribbon. Super glue works well on the leather but not the jute. For jute use hot glue or any multipurpose glue. Tie in a square knot. I thought these would be cute for a horse themed baby shower. Give them as party favors or use for decoration. These horseshoe hangers are fun to make for kids and adults.

Southwest Style Horseshoe

Here’s my attempt at Southwest style.

Wedding Horseshoe

Wedding Horseshoes for favors or decoration. Glue on some bling. I took this string from a gift bag.

Gold Horseshoe

Gold Horseshoe with plain jute twine.

Native American Style Horseshoe

Native American style horseshoe in which I tied on leather and beads. You could give any of these as gifts and write a message on the back with a permanent marker. You could say ‘Good Luck!’ for one who starts a new job.

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