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Western Coat Rack

Western Coat Rack

Make a rustic Western Coat Rack using weathered pallet boards and your favorite picture.

Lay out Boards

I chose, cut and laid out the weathered pallet boards.


Then screwed supports on the back.


I printed a photo and placed it on the boards with double stick tape. I cut a slit in the photo between the boards to make 2 pieces. With painter’s tape I outlined the photo, then removed the photo and the double stick tape. I spread a coat Mod Podge, placed the photo and spread another coat over the top. I smoothed with my fingers and a brayer, but it still wrinkled a bit. Maybe it was the type of paper I used. I pulled up the tape after it dried and screwed in Hall Tree Hooks and Small Coat Hooks.

Picture Frame Coat Rack

Here’s another idea. Screw hooks to your favorite framed picture for quick entry way coat rack.

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