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Western Fall Decor

Here are a few things I put together for Western Fall Décor Ideas!

These Wood slices were cut from a downed tree on our property. They were in the shed drying out for a couple of years. You can sand and seal and use them for a variety of things. I didn’t sand these since I will be using them for another project.

Wood Slice Centerpiece – I made a center piece with fall foliage in a horse pitcher, a ceramic Halloween pumpkin and fall leaves and gourds all placed on the wood slices.

Lariat Wreath – Take a lariat and zip tie it at the top, wire on a bow and insert fall foliage. Easy!

Horseshoe Wreath – I took a 16″ grapevine wreath and cut the top off with a saw to make a horseshoe shape. I tied the ends at the top with brown wire just to keep it from coming apart, but it held its shape very well without it. I stuck in foliage and wired on a bow. I drew and cut out the plywood galloping horse on a scroll saw. I painted it and used a paint pen to write the words: “Y’all gallop on in!” instead of “Welcome”.

I used Command hooks to hang it and they work great! You can use them over and over.

Just a few minor changes will turn it into a Christmas Horseshoe Wreath, which I will show you in the December blog. See you then!

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