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Western Tray

Western Tray

This is a picture of my grandmother when she was 18. Pretty fancy, huh? I don’t know what the occasion was but don’t let it fool you. She was a hard working farm woman and I was with her every step of the way when she washed clothes in a ringer washer and hung them on the line, gathered eggs from the chicken coop, picked peaches, gathered vegetables from the garden and list goes on and on. She and I were close and I enjoyed the time spent with her.

In a barn wood frame I drilled holes for some rusty star nails. I positioned them so that enough of the star would overhang the frame for handles.¬†With a brad nail gun I nailed the rope to the frame. This could be hung on the wall or used as a tray. If used as a tray for drinks, I would put clear waterproof calk between the glass and the frame. I placed cardboard behind the picture and nailed a piece of 1/8″ plywood for backing. Any type of picture could be used but I thought this would give it a rustic western style.

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