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Western Wind Chime

Western Wind Chime

I showed these western metal cut outs to a friend of mine and he thought they would make a great wind chime. This is his design and he put it together. I just suggested a few things like adding a cut out at the top. He drilled a hole in each cut out. From a hook he attached three chains and attached the chains to an XL Horseshoe with cotter pins. He attached different lengths of chains and the cut outs to the XL Horseshoe with cotter pins. We hung a chain from the top hook and added a cut out just above the horseshoe. He drilled a hole in the bottom of this cut out and hung a chain through the middle of the horseshoe and added a cut out at the bottom. It’s about 33″ in height.

This wind chime could be hung in your home also. It makes pleasant sounding clangs.

Rusty Metal Cut Out

You could paint the cut outs, let them rust or spray them with vinegar to quickly get that rusty effect as shown here. Then seal them with a clear polyurethane spray.

Western Wind Chime in Black

Here’s a picture of the wind chime in black (caused by the lighting).

Metal Cut Outs

You can purchase these cut outs on the website here, and the XL Horseshoe here.

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