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Wood Star

Wood Star 1

I came across this website on how to make wood stars, so we got right to work, as it looked pretty simple. This star is made out of mahogany 1×2 standing on edge. It is approximately 16″x 16″. Wood Star 2

We tried to build it with the 1×2’s laying flat and the dimensions didn’t work out, so we adjusted the dimensions and built it anyway. I like them both. The first star has 3 coats of marine varnish, so it could be hung inside or outside. The second star is also made from mahogany and has two coats of spray polyurethane. These would be great for décor or holidays.

  1. Hi There! Great stars guys. I’m wondering what sort of adjustments you had to make to the one with the flat 1×2′. I need to build several that look like that and trying to figure out the best way. Looks like you got it right.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! And thank you for your question. Determine the dimension you want for the long outside leg of the star. Cut the 36 degree and 54 degree angles as on the other star. Then subtract the dimension of the 54 degree end from the long outside leg dimension. This will give you the outside dimension of the short leg. Cut the same angles on the short piece. Make 5 pieces of each size. Use scrap material first.

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